Gemcraft Chapter One Game

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

About Gemcraft 1

Gemcraft 1 game is a popular tower defence game with a difference. Many tower defence games have become mundane and extremely similar, but Gemcraft breaks that mould successfully. In this guide, we will take a look and see why Gemcraft is a different game to the other tower defence games, and why it is still a fantastic game for existing tower defence veterans.

In Gemcraft 1 your main focus does not surround developing different types of towers, in fact every tower you put down is the same, and the majority of the towers are already on the map, your task is to fill the towers with different gems. Different gems do different types of damage to monsters. However, it is noteworthy not to think that the game only consists of putting gems in towers, as the game gets much more complex. On tougher levels, you are required to build your own towers, trenches and other various features to assist you with passing the level.

Players buy different contraptions with mana which you earn from defeating your enemy. Your mana is displayed at the top of the screen while the next wave of the enemy is shown on the left. Your mana regenerates slowly over time, but you earn more when you kill enemies. Your score (which is shown next to the mana meter) is determined by how many enemies you kill, and how quickly you kill them.

The main focus on this game is not one dimensional like many other tower defence games. In Gemcraft, your goal is to use and create different types of gems to defeat your opponents. This requires both quick and logical thinking, paired with strong decision making, to ensure you pass every stage. Gems that you create and do not use can be used as bombs, which means it is always handy to have a couple of gems in reserve just in case you get caught short and some enemies are making their way toward the end of the track.

The game works on the premise that every different colour gem carries out different damage; therefore, you need to work out what gems do the best damage for the foes you have ahead of you.

  • Red gems - Quick attacking gem.
  • Green gems - Add poison to damage.
  • Purple gems - Slow down the enemy.

Past this, you need to make sure you do not always purchase higher level gems. You need to make sure you upgrade your lower level gems to create a higher level gem. Upgrading two gems of the same colour will allow the upgraded gem to do the highest possible damage, however, upgrading two gems of different colours will allow for your gems to do two different types of damage, for example, mixing a purple gem and a green gem will allow for a poisoning damage which slows down the enemy, however, mixing two gems of different colours also prohibits the gems from doing their full damage, gets complicated doesn't it!

The main tactic of the Gemcraft 1 game should be to ensure you do not place a bunch of lower level gems as your attack, while even though this will do a lot of damage quickly, the likelihood is you will not be able to afford it as you have to pay money for extra towers, and this means that you will soon find yourself out of pocket.

The game truly depends on where you place your gems, alongside what gems you lay down and at what times. If you do all of this correctly then you will complete every level. Each level gives you the choice of speeding up the attacks. Ranging from regular speed, to three times the speed if you click on the fast forward button, all the way through to as fast as you can drag your mouse, if you like you can drag and drop all of the attacks to swarm your defence at once, but this is not advised especially on the later levels. The quicker you complete the level the more points you receive, however, having the correct defence in place is much better than having a terrific score. It is much better to ensure you complete the game first, and then return to try and defeat your scores, playing the game this way also adds excellent longevity.

Another difference between this game and other tower defence games is the amount you can purchase and view. At the top of every screen, is a drop down menu which has the following categories:


On this page, you can view your statistics throughout the life of your game, including what is your current level and how many monsters you have killed.


The amulets page is much like a trophy page. A lot of games now offer special rewards for completing certain aspects of a game which you would not need to complete in order to finish it. Having a 'trophy' page adds longevity to Gemcraft.


On this page, you can buy skills using your skill points. Some of the rewards are; more initial mana, number of starting gems, and more mana per kill.

Then you also have the option to save your game, which is handy because this game is not short, and you will do well to complete it in one sitting.

Another great aspect of the game is you do not have to do the levels in a set order. When you start out you will see that there is only one level available to select, however, past this you have more selections every level you complete. This means if you get stuck on a level you can always come back to it later. Hopefully you have levelled up a few times by then, and you can use some of your new skills in order to defeat the level.

There is no doubt that Gemcraft 1 game features all of the old aspects of tower defence games that has made them so popular, while successfully implementing new features to make the gaming experience a particularly enjoyable one.

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