Kingdom Rush Origins Online Game

The most addicting tower defense game returns in an all-new prequel adventure - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Origins!

Kingdom Rush Origins is the third installment of the award-winning Kingdom Rush saga, loved by millions and earning accolades from gamers and critics around the globe. Take a trip back to the beginning, before Vez'nan ever thought to threaten the kingdom with the gem of power, and experience even more of the lightning-fast, exceptionally captivating gameplay that made the franchise a cornerstone of essential tower defense games. In this exciting prequel, command your elven army and defend mystical lands from sea serpents, evil sorcerers, and wave after wave of gnoll tribesman, all with the help of brand-spankin' new towers, heroes, and spells to fend off every last baddie.

Kingdom Rush Origins - Tower defense has never looked better or played as incredibly as this thundering prequel to the Kingdom Rush greatness

Kingdoms Beyond

There's no way around it: I, like every other reviewer that's at least moderately competent out there, have to concede yet again that Kingdom Rush is the greatest tower defense series of all time. The release of Origins has only served to solidify this opinion for most (true) gamers out there as well as me. If you were ever a fan of the original two games and fancied knowing just how on earth things came to be the way that they are in the capricious, action-packed, and downright fantastical world of Kingdom Rush, then the events of Origins go a long way to explaining what on earth went down. A prequel with the unrelenting style and quality of the original two titles, Origins - along with its two predecessors - is literally kingdoms about the rest.

It would be rather silly to enter into Kingdom Rush: Origins expecting any kind of revolutionary departure from what makes Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers great. After all, the differences between the latter and the former were noticeable but they still weren't worlds apart: Kingdom Rush Origins maintains the same sort of approach: no messing with the incredible formula but some tweaks in the parts where it really counts.

Sublime Simplicity

It doesn't matter if you haven't played any Kingdom Rush before because it's a ridiculously simple concept: enemies will make their way across, down, over, under, around, and through the pre-existing paths on each of the levels; you place different kinds of towers to stop them. The theoryis as simple as you can imagine, but in practice this game is going to test your tower defense and strategy skills.

What I adore most about Kingdom Rush as a series is that it has built its greatness not on a plethora of towers but upon the foundation of four pillars (metaphorical of course) - these pillars are the basic tower types: archers, barracks, artillery, and magic. Ironhide (the developer) has utilised these four basic types and spun their magic to create a tree-like progression where you spend money earned from killing enemies on tower upgrades. You upgrade your towers through different levels until the final level where you get to choose between two final forms. Oh, and each of these forms is fan-damn-tastic I should add.

Towers, Heroes, Spells, Oh Mage!

Taking the archer-type tower as an example, it begins as a Hunter Arbor at level one and moves on to being a Watcher Arbor at level 2 while at level 3 it becomes a Sentinel Arbor. With each upgrade this tower, as well as all of the other tower types, become more adept at hitting more enemies at once; they simply become more proficient at their jobs and therefore more powerful. Level 4 means decision time since with the archers tower this means choosing between Arcane Archers and Golden Longbows. The former tower is able to shoot magic arrows that reduce the magic resistance of enemies whilst the latter has extraordinarily long range, powerful shots, but relatively slow firing rate.

The enemies of the game provide fantastic balance for the different tower types you have available. You've got regular enemies that are susceptible to standard attacks from Archers and groups that are vulnerable to artillery attacks. On the other hand there are enemies that resist conventional attacks yet are weak to your magic towers. This means you have to consider your tower positioning and also your choice of tower types in a strategic manner in order to succeed instead of just placing them anywhere you wish.

You've also got heroes such as Eridian the Ranger, Prince Denas, Xin the Panda Monk, and Faustus the Dragon Mage, all of which can be upgraded in an RPG style to make them able to use their different powers whilst wandering around the level at your behest, adding another level to your defences. Just have a look on the Kingdom Rush Origins Wiki page for more information about the game's content.

A Kingly Expansion

So what does all of this content equate to? Well, if you take what I've mentioned and sprinkle them into the warm, doughy, sweet cake mix that is this game so far and then mix it with a whole bunch of incredibly well-designed levels then you should have an idea of just how great of a game we have on our hands here. The new levels are probably the best I've seen so far in the series, each with their own unique quirks and level-exclusive special towers. Enemies utilise the environment but so can you, making the need for careful and ever-evolving strategy on your part even more essential.

Is Origins truly a discrete and separate game from its predecessors? Absolutely not, but you'd be a fool to expect Ironhide Games to mess with such a awe-inspiring concept. Kingdom Rush simply works, and Origins' individual features come together yet again to form a wonderfully familiar symphony of greatness with subtle overtones that we haven't heard before. Let's end this before the metaphor becomes tired: Kingdom Rush Origins is fantastic, and there's no reason not to buy it if you like a good tower defense game, nay, the best tower defense game (and series) ever created.