Master of Fortresses Game

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

About Master of Fortresses

The Master of Fortresses game is a defence-type flash game from the designers at Space Cat Studios. The game features a standard defence-style theme, with a main road, which the enemy travels on towards their goal: the fortress. This is the road, which must be equipped with towers and barriers to keep the enemy from reaching the fortress. In between battles, players must repair, rebuild, and arm their troops for the upcoming wave. Wave upon wave, the advancing foes enter the screen and must be taken out before they destroy the fortress and defeat the player.

The game is set up with an eagle-eye view of the battlefield. The "Choke Point" is the site at which the road is at its most narrow. This is the most effective site to build defences, as it covers less territory. Players first build walls across the open road for defence. Then, the player must place troops atop these walls, to attack the enemy as they approach. The building items are listed under the "Buildings" tab on the right sidebar.

The building materials range in price and effectiveness from a simple Barricade, costing 15 pieces of gold, to a 1000 piece-of-gold Curtain Wall and a 2500-piece Earthworks wall. The "Garrison" tab features the attacking strength. Players can purchase single conscripts to fight against advancing troops as well as two other upgraded men. The cannons are also under the "Garrison" tab. Players have four options for cannons ranging from a low-cost Culverin to a high-priced Puckle Gun. The final tab is the "Traps" tab, which offers five different items for purchase. Players place mines and traps in the path of the oncoming enemy to detonate upon contact. Between waves of assault, players use these tabs to upgrade their defences, repair walls, and set additional traps.

The game offers a tutorial to take players through the general game play. This gives the player a terrific walk through of a tutorial level to prepare them for the actual game itself. Once prepared, you choose between Skirmish Mode and Endless Mode. In both modes, players choose to play as Britain, Prussia, or France. Each country has its own strengths and weaknesses, which makes the choice between the three a strategic one.

The British troops excel in long range and firing probabilities, but have expensive upgrades to infantry and have a low-attack ranking. The Prussian army offers strong grenadiers and infantry but lacks range and is a more expensive upgrade option, as well. The final country, France, boasts a more economical range of upgrades and strong cannons. Unfortunately, the French army also has a poor level of infantry and a slow fire rate. In Skirmish, players can choose from an easy and medium modes which have four locations or hard Mode which have two locations.

Each location in the Master of Fortresses game has a different layout, lending itself to an either easier or tougher strategy. Endless mode is available for additional game play where players may also choose the country of their enemy. It has a understated set-up, lending itself to maximum personalization of the game.

The fantastic pan flute medieval-style of music is courtesy of the Symphony of Spectres and enhances the game play with its epic score. Master of Fortresses boasts strong artwork, as well. The game is visually appealing with its lovely graphics and vivid colours. With its unique layout and better illustrations than most, Master of Fortresses offers a tremendous addition to the defence genre of flash games.