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Tribal Wars 2

Welcome to the battlefield: Tribal Wars 2

The free online strategy game Tribal Wars 2 is set in a medieval universe, filled with knights, generals and political decisions. You are the ruler of a castle in a war torn landscape, and must defend and expand your kingdom to ensure its survival. In this medieval war game, your followers rely on your strength and strategic wisdom. Rally your armies, fortify your castle walls and lead your soldiers to glory!

Rating: 87%

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Sophisticated PvP battles

Tribal Wars 2: Preparing for Battle

Choosing a Player to Attack.

Tribal Wars 2 is a medieval Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) war game with a focus on battle strategy and castle management. You can play the free online strategy game directly in your browser in a real-time PvP environment.

Tribal Wars: Your Barracks

Your Stronghold Head Quarters.

Our Review: Fancy a Saunter through a Great Medieval Strategy MMO? Then look no further

Tribal Wars 2 is a free strategy MMO game, but received extensive graphic and interface improvements. Many new features such as dynamic map information, customizable tribe quests and numerous other additions make Tribal Wars 2 a unique and fresh gaming experience for veterans and new players alike.

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Tribal Wars: Improved Visuals and Interface

Improved Visuals & Interface.

A swift trawl through the website of Innogames reads like a what's what of civilisation games. From the ancient Greece-themed Grepolis to their cowboy-laden wild west MMO The West, this developer knows how to churn out MMOs, and they do so selectively; only the most intriguing of themes are explored by this developer. One such theme a number of years ago was that of "tribal" conflict in the medieval period in the unprecedentedly popular Tribal Wars, and Innogames have gone and given the players what they want with Tribal Wars 2.

Fear not: if you haven't played the original Tribal Wars game, you're not going to be out of place if you want to dive straight into Tribal Wars 2. It should be pretty obvious from the strategic MMO genre this game sits in that you're going to be managing a settlement of some sort and expanding it through careful management of resources and assertive building of structures necessary to facilitate the growth of your settlement.

At the outset of the game you're asked to sign up (don't worry, it's free and there's no catch) and then choose a general location you'd like to be placed at in game's virtual world map. You can either choose by selecting a direction on the compass-esque icon on the screen or simply roll the dice to be placed in a random region. Either way, after you've selected a location, the real action then begins.

From Miniscule to Meaty

Upon being presented with your small village at the outset, players experienced in the way of the original Tribal Wars will instantly notice the substantial improvements in the graphics (discussed below) and the game's interface in general. There are considerably more features available in this game, and this slick interface allows for navigating through them with more pleasure than in the relatively simplistic original.

Tribal Wars: Buildings Available to Construct

Some of the buildings you can construct.

The features I'm talking about range from the number of buildings available for construction in your settlement to the various units of infantry and other troops that can be produced through the barracks building, an essential structure that allows you to amass an army to defend your ever-growing settlement. Said growth needs a foundation however, and this consists of resource production. A timber camp, a clay pit, and iron mine are all essential parts of your settlement that churn out raw materials, without which you would be unable to build all of the game's other structures like hospitals, academies, taverns, and chapels/churches.

Once you've established a decent flow of resources and have a storage unit in which you can store your raw materials and therefore increase the amount of them you have available at short notice, you are able to begin developing your mouse of a village into a monster of a settlement that has fortified walls, a well-developed infrastructure, and a seriously impressive headquarters that in turn allows you to unlock more and more building powers.

Levels of Progress

And it is the building power you have available to you that determines the strength of your settlement in the game overall. Since this is an MMO, your settlement is rated alongside those of other players based on numerical values. Where do these values come from? They are those that are assigned to your buildings, every single one of which possesses a point value. Progress in Tribal Wars 2 depends almost entirely on the level of your buildings and the number of them that you have. As you produce resources and also provisions for your people (these are produced by your farm), you are able to then use these resources to upgrade many of your buildings.

Your headquarters building is perhaps the most important as its level determines which buildings you can build and to what level they can be upgraded. Of equal importance is ensuring your settlement is well-defended, both through fortifications on the perimeter and through raising an army.

Tribal Wars: Improved Visuals and Interface

Barracks Troop Selection.

A barracks is also essential for producing troops, and the more you upgrade it the better the troops and units are. Simple spearmen are the staple of you defense in the beginning, but upgrading allows you to enjoy stronger units and eventually things like cavalry and archers. The strength of your army is again broken down into numerical values during battles with other players and against the AI; these battles play out automatically via a fancy table that indicates the course of the battle without ever actually displaying it in a visual fashion.

 A Mighty Effort

Tribal Wars 2 is indeed a fantastic effort from Innogames, and is a sequel that is worthy of anyone's time. The improved interface is a serious advancement for the Tribal Wars series, and the graphics - everything from the animations of the tiny little people in your settlement to the more realistic textures and aesthetics in general - are sublime. The battles could do with a little improvement and should be fought with visual representations of them like they are in Forge of Empires or to an extent games like Medieval: Total War. Still, Tribal Wars 2 is confident in its style and still manages to entertain more than many rival titles.


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