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About Orc Assault

Orc Assault game is a free online defence-driven flash game sponsored by Ninja Kiwi. As the terrible Orcs decide to take over a small village, the only things standing in their way are a few measly buildings and barriers and a warrior hell-bent on saving his village. Orc Assault enlists players as the brave warrior, leading him into battle against villainous Orcs. The game spans over fifty waves of enemies and features amusing sound effects, as well as a good amount of violence and graphic artwork. Due to the latter, the games makers rate the game at PG-13 and suggest that this game is for a slightly older audience.

Players move about the village through the streets in retreat or attack of enemy invaders. Players use their weapon to deal fatal blows to every invader in the wave to complete the wave. In between waves, they may choose to purchase a range of items to assist them in the upcoming waves.

Upgrades fall into four categories:

  • BUY: Under the "BUY" tab, players purchase weapons to arm their character. Additionally, shields, armour, and potions are under this tab.
  • PREMIUM: The "PREMUM" tab offers items for purchase that are far beyond those of the BUY tab.
  • BUILD: The "BUILD" tab features five different families of buildings: Lumber Mill, Barracks, Blacksmith, Apothecary, and Hall of Shadows. Each of these families branch out awesome upgrades, including advanced Combat facilities and a Wizardry Tower.
  • TRAIN: In the "TRAIN" tab, players choose to train up their forces to be Archers, Footmen, Knights, Wizards, and Shredders. These upgrades are helpful to the hand-to-hand combat of the incoming waves of enemies.

When warriors "Level Up," in the orc assault game they receive new skills. Each time a "Level Up" occurs, a pop-up screen depicting the available choices will direct players as to what they can add to their arsenal. These free/merit-based upgrades include weapons skills, defensive skills, combat manoeuvres, and training skills. Once players choose their "Level Up" award, they are given an option to save the game from that point, so they may return at anytime, whether it be because they die in the game at a later point or they needed to leave the game for a few hours or days. These new skills are displayed in the "RANK" tab of the upgrades screen.

The game is controlled by both the keyboard and the mouse. The navigation of the game is done solely via the A, S, D, and W keys. There are hotkeys (Q and E) for switching weapons, repairing barricades which have been knocked down by the invading Orcs (hotkey F), and regrouping the troops (hotkey G). Additionally, the spacebar controls the pausing of the game. The player uses their mouse only to attack the enemy. With a swift click of the right mouse-key, players wield their weaponry upon the invaders.

Players will enjoy the amount of upgrades involved in Orc Assault. The game has cool, bloody graphics, and many realistic battle sound effects, which adds to the entertainment aspect of the game. As a free online defence game, Orc Assault offers a great game for the more grown-up crowd of gamers.