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About the Game

At first glance Sieger 2 game seems like a medieval Japanese version of the popular hit Angry Birds, and that's where the basic concept seems to be derived from. The epic music makes you feel as if you are about to charge into battle as you shoot cannon balls at the buildings, trying to topple them all down and kill the inhabitants. It gives very clear instructions and makes all of the menus and options clear and easy to read.

Graphics - 8/10

While this is a simplistic game, it has quite a few details about the graphics that its comparable game, Angry Birds, lacked. Taking out the cute factor from Angry Birds, Sieger adds in a more detail oriented and realistic features. The starry background that you first start with is layered in fog and is illuminated by a large moon, and the building itself has nice detail with 3D shading and realistic cracks and grooves. After you progress a bit more into the game the scenery keeps changing, and also the little people that you are supposed to kill change based on the scenery, making each new level refreshing whilst breaking up the monotony.

Game Play - 8/10

The objective of the Sieger 2 is to topple the building, killing the little red men inside and hopefully getting the gold chest. Such a simple task makes it seem easy at first but as each level progresses it gets even more difficult to accomplish your mission, especially when they start introducing more objectives, like to avoid killing selected people. To play, you only have to point and click at your desired target, making it simple enough for anyone to play and comprehend. You are scored based on how many times you have to fire a cannon to topple the buildings, and if you are able to hit the gold chest or not.

Online Mode - 10/10

Sieger 2 is one of the better flash games and does not seem to have any glitches at all throughout the game. It runs incredibly smooth and there isn't a moment's pause or hesitation when switching from levels or if you try to pull up the menu. Even when you run out of shots to take, you barely have to wait a second for the game to realize that you have failed miserably and for it to give you the option to replay the level.

Score - 84%

Sieger is an incredibly simple yet addictive flash game that is available not only on your PC, but it can be downloaded as an App for your Apple product. Its overall game play is much like Angry Birds, taking some of the originality from it, but the fact that the creators put a new, medieval spin on the popular game makes this one a bit more unique. The epic music combined with the detail oriented graphics also adds to the game play, as well as the changing scenery. There is nothing more addictive as a simplistic strategy game, and the fact that you can play this on your iPhone as well makes it a must have App in my book.