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About the Sieger Game

The physics behind the sieger game is indeed very good with towers correctly stumbling when you hit a pillar at a particular point. Pillar destruction is not just affected by whether you hit a pillar on the upper or lower part, but also on the left or right side of the pillar. This adds an intriguing dimension to the game that goes beyond crush the castle.

Crush the castle games are very much a 2d toss and smash concept that is based on you attacking from the left and smashing a castle on the right, however sieger game presents you with a different attack perspective. You are in a first person view as you fire your arrow at the castles and therefore you can attack both the left and right point of a pillar. This means for example if you pierce the left hand side of a castle's pillar, the pillar will fall to the left and obviously hitting the right will make the pillar fall to the right. You need to bare this factor in mind when you are looking to achieve brilliant medal status on each round as many of the moves are based on this.

What I really enjoy about the sieger game is that it doesnt pretend or even try to be crush the castle, instead it realises the popularity in castle smashing games and delivers a lighter taste of the castle bieseiging concept. This actually works very well when coupled with the ability to deliver a casual game that doesn't attempt to go beyond the most simplest route of the sub genre, where as you can argue crush the castle does with its level of difficult, which can frustrate fans.

Castle smashing rounds

The following is a full list of rounds available in sieger.

  1. First siege (500 B.C.)
  2. Lize Outpost (478 B.C.)
  3. Battle of Guiling (354 B.C.)
  4. Battle of Maling (342 B.C.)
  5. Defeat of Wei (340 B.C.)
  6. Battle of Yanyu (269 B.C.)
  7. Chanping (260 B.C.)
  8. Yishui River (222 B.C.)
  9. Siege of Alesia (52 B.C.)
  10. Siege of Angers (873 A.D.)
  11. Castleford (948)
  12. Siege of LondoN (994)
  13. Oxford Burnt (1009)
  14. Canterbury (1011)
  15. Dublin (1171)
  16. Siege of Kiev (1240)
  17. Battle of Largs (1263)
  18. Warwolf (1304)
  19. Harlech Castle (1461-1468)
  20. Aztec Empire Fall (1521)
  21. Siege of Kazan (1552)
  22. Siege of Moscow (1571)
  23. Godesberg (1583)
  24. Fall of Antwerp (1584-1585)
  25. Siege of Ostend (1601-1604)
  26. Siege of Groenlo (1627)
  27. Siege of Vienna (1683)
  28. Siege of Turin (1706)
  29. The Treasure of Pharaohs