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About Swords and Sandals 3

The Swords and Sandals 3 game is the third instalment in a hilariously irreverent game by 3RDSENSE. The game is a welcome addition to a popular series that plays heavily on its strength and comedy, while offering a welcome change from the monotony of online games that all begin to look similar. One thing that you can say about Swords and Sandals 3 is it is not your typical online flash game.

swords and sandals 3 game: character options

Players create the look of their Gladiator at the start of the game. In a fun twist from Swords and Sandals 1 and S & S 2, this edition of Swords and Sandals offers players the chance to name their Gladiator, give them a unique taunt and victory call, and give them a bit of amusing trivia. When players enter a bout, they will be able to read the trivia items on their opponents. You should not miss the chance to write something humorous here as it can add a bit of humour to the game. Gladiators also get the most intimate amount of personalization possible.

There are many colours to choose from in regards to skin and hair. Players choose between eight body types, which include Yeti, Zombie, and even Sagan Blob. The next thing you can alter is the Gladiator's features, including Half Elf, Daemon, Pig man, Baboon man, and Goblin, to name just a few of the 17 choices available. Hair comes in an array of styles, and there are also facial hair options to select. Players set their Gladiators height and weight, ranging from tall and lanky to short and stout or massive in all aspects. The choice is not without consequence because while a taller Gladiator has more of a chance at potential evasion of attack, they have lower dodging capabilities. In contrast, the weight effects the Gladiator's health and speed; Health rises with more weight, but speed decreases. After choosing all of the physical attributes of the Gladiator, players have one final decision to make before beginning the game. The game begins with five skill points to appoint among the following abilities including; strength, charisma, vitality, intellect, and agility.

swords and sandals 3 game: map options

The main game board centres on a castle with a number of places to shop. Fat Little Kids Magic Shoppe, which is run by a fat little kid who thinks that "Rome fell shortly after the invention of the Caesar Salad" and other such nonsense, he offers spells and potions. Goth Twins Master Musician sells musical instruments of death, which lend themselves to some of the righteous musical score. Father Pain bringers Laser Emporium is run by a priest with MacGyver like hair and a slew of laser guns, bow and arrows, phaser guns, or mostly any long-range item available in the game. An Opera-singing fat lady at Brunhilda's Maces is the go-to store for crude bashing weapons. HeChaos' Helmets, Capes, and Shields is run by a has-been ex-Champion who sells helmets, capes, and shields. Ultranus Forge Armoury offers incredibly expensive armour. At Battle Mart Axes and Pole arms, a good deal on powerful weapons is the name of the game, just do not expect high levels of customer service, the shopkeeper is a tight-lipped Viking. Forest Brat's Armoury is "just like that other armour shop, except with more pouting and decreased levels of customer service," according to the shop girl. Lastly is Mr. Muji's Sword master shop, an extremely kind shopkeeper with rock bottom prices. After gearing up players can "Enter the Arena" or "Challenge the Next Arena Champion."

swords and sandals 3 game: arena fight

Enter the Arena to fight one of the five Gladiators chosen by Graag Skummo for you to defeat. Once they are defeated, you are moved on to opponents that are more dangerous! The fights are fairly straightforward. Players choose an opponent from the five displayed. Each opponent has their statistics listed for easy decision-making, but bear in mind that each of the five warriors must be fought before moving on to the next set of warriors.

Swords and Sandals 3 game just like the other games in the series, bases battles on taking turns. Warriors take turns choosing their next action and, conversely, taking a possible blow from their opponent. There are a number of movements available. Players walk forward or backward, jump, charge, strike with quick, normal, or power shots, rest, taunt, take defensive stances, or shove their opponent. Strikes vary in accuracy and power, and every one of the moves you make is vital. A Power Shot is a strong blow to an opponent, but is less likely to reach its intended target, while a quick shot is less powerful but is much more likely to connect. Each time a strike reaches the opponent, they lose a number of health points or armour points. Once either the Gladiator or the Challenger is out of health, they lose. The winner has the option of sparing the life of the loser or finishing them. Luckily, dying in Swords and Sandals 3 does not end the journey.

Players "Challenge the Next Arena Champion" to rise through the ranks of Champions until their Gladiator is the highest ranked. If the opponent beats the player's Gladiator, then they can go back to the castle screen until they are ready to battle again. The goal to beat all of the Champions can only be met through successful battles, with the money from those bouts going to added weaponry and armour as well improving your skills and magic abilities.

swords and sandals 3 game: killing your opponent

As in all Swords and Sandals games, this edition does a terrific job at tongue-in-cheek homage to role-playing games (RPG's) that have become popular in the past few decades. The Gladiator's taunts include farting, gyrating, or yelling the user-created battle cry. When the battle finishes, there is little in the way of dignity. The loser can wet himself, tremble, kick up dirt, or throw a tantrum. Overall, the loser is lucky to be alive, since the winner has the option of killing them, which ends in a rather comical maiming if there is such a thing.

The Swords and Sandals 3 game is not just a sequel. It is an entirely different format of the game, set on the same premise as its predecessors. While all Swords and Sandals games include Gladiator duels, this edition adds more shops, a more personalized game play, and an immense amount of personalization for the Gladiators. Added to the classic comic relief of the series, and Swords and Sandals 3 is a solid addition to the popular games.

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