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About Swords and Sandals 4

swords and sandals 4 game play

Gladiators are naturally tough people, but you do not need me to tell you that. They go into a colliseum with the sole purpose of being the only survivor of the fight. People that play fantasy role playing games are not so tough. The Swords and Sandals 4 game changes all of that. In a fourth edition of a hilarious game of duelling Gladiators, players travel around a game board and play against like-minded gamers. Fans of the previous editions in the Swords and Sandals saga will be happy to see that battles are still the name of the game. There are still bouts to the death or submission. Unlike any other game in the series, Swords and Sandals 4 is also a board game like RPG. The game is played in a pub alongside a number of misfits, and is a race around a game board where you play mini games, which will test players luck, and duelling each other to earn the title of the ultimate Champion.

swords and sandals 4 game: multiplayer game swords and sandals 4 game: board setup

One significant renovation to the fourth Swords and Sandals game is the ability to play multi-player games. Players can play against one or two other players on the same computer. If, however, they wish to play alone, the computer takes over the empty seats and acts as the opponent. Players choose between three types of play. A two-person game goes by quickly, but is not the best for possible XP (experience points) and gold gain. A three-person game is of standard length, and the amount of earned gold and XP are mid-range. Lastly, a four-person game (which is available with the full version only) lasts the longest time and has the maximum opportunity to earn gold and XP. The player can then choose whether they want to play against the computer or a real person at home. Once all of that is settled, the game can begin.

Players travel across a game board that has many twists and turns, ending up at the Arena, which is ultimately the finish line. Players take turns rolling a die and travelling the allotted number of spaces forward. There are Arena spaces on the board. These spaces allow players to challenge opponents to duels where they can earn XP and gold. When players land on the Arena spaces, they must choose an opponent to duel. If the game is a two-player game, there is no choice to be made, but three-player games add to the excitement by letting players choose which enemy they feel is easier to defeat. The competitor in every duel chooses the stakes. The optional stakes are; to the death, the winner takes half of the loser's gold, loser loses three turns, or the winner takes one of the loser's sandals. In a two-player game, a duel to the death ends the game. If a duel to the death is in a three-person game and the human player loses, then the game ends immediately. The final ceremonies commence, where the scores are tallied up, and a winner is chosen.

swords and sandals 4 game: mini game

There are a number of blue Gain Gold tiles, which add 10 gold to the player's pot, along with a number of red Lose Gold tiles, which take 10 gold from the player. Mini games are played when players land on the Castle of Mini Games. These games are short games that allow you to earn gold; these games are usually quite silly and offer a break from the 'serious' duelling. Each game begins with a brief description and instructions of how to play the game. The game board hosts a number of significant spots, such as treasure chests, roll again tiles, and Fate tiles, which players tempt fate by rolling a die and finding out whether the gamble paid off or not. The warp tile switches player with their opponent. There are also Monster duels with roaming monsters; losing the monster duel will cost the player a considerable amount of gold, while emerging victorious will add to their riches. Other negative tiles to land on are freezing tiles, which deduct a turn, and the reverse tiles, which make the player move backward on the next roll.

swords and sandals 4 game: gladiator duel

Duels are what keep this series of games afloat. Duellers take turns choosing an action. There are three strikes: a quick strike, which is less powerful, but much more accurate, a normal strike, which is less accurate than a quick strike, but packs more punch, and a power strike, which is a strong hit that has less likelihood of striking the enemy. The other actions to choose from are resting, taunting, or taking a defensive stance. The game volleys between players until one player loses all of their health points.

swords and sandals 4 game: character customisation

Swords and Sandals 4 game keeps the humorous nature of the series alive. Players can equip themselves with various weaponry and armour to give them a better chance at defeating the enemy, but the best part of the duels is likely to be the creativity of the personalized Gladiators. Players choose every aspect of their own Gladiator. The name, skin colour, and hair colours are as variable as a players imagination can stretch. Players choose the height and weight for their competitor, bearing in mind that with different ratios of height and weight have a number of bonuses and draw-backs. The game offers eight body types, ranging from human to skeletal and many of these carry more personalization options with the added features of elves, pig men, snake men, gholls, and more. After players decide upon all physical appearances, there are five skill points to allot among strength, vitality, charisma, intellect, and agility. Each Gladiator may also be a Fighter, a Paladin, a Mage, or a Bard. Players that do not feel creative at the moment can always choose to roll a die and receive a random Gladiator.

Swords and Sandals 4 has all of the humour and cheekiness of the others in the Swords and Sandals family of games. The introduction of the board game aspect allows this to be more than just a sequel; it makes the game an entirely different game altogether, while still incorporating the duels that make these games so popular. Swords and Sandals 4 keep fans of the series entertained and promises there will not be a dull moment.