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About The Tower and the Heart in Glass

The Tower game: the Heart in Glass is a visually attractive flash game brought onto the flash-gaming market by Armor Games. The game is a defence-type game but strays from the pre defined standard of the genre. The goal of The Tower and the Heart in Glass is to protect the single most prominent building block of the game - the heart of glass, and players do this through building up defences and shooting down the enemy.

The main premise of the game is to build up towers to protect the precious heart block. Each item of building material stands as a barrier between the advancing enemy and the sole life force. Predictably, cheaper protection is less effective. For example, the weak wooden block only costs $1. However, there are also incredibly tough building blocks. The TNT block costs $60, while the mega-defensive shooting blocks cost $140-150. Players must purchase at least one heart block to place within their tower walls.

The heart blocks are $300 and are the game's life force and are not defensive, but ensure that players keep playing. The benefit of being able to purchase heart blocks is that players may have multiple hearts, adding to their chances of survival. However, the high cost of the heart block may prove too much of a sacrifice and the player will ultimately need to choose between stronger protection and better odds of survival. If all heart blocks are broken, the game is over, and you die.

The enemy advances in waves, as many other defence games feature. In The Tower and the Heart in Glass, the enemy enters from both sides of the screen. Each enemy has its own health bar that dwindles with each hit. In addition to purchasing shooting or exploding blocks to stop the enemy, players may also use their cursor to click on and attack the enemy.

The tower game turns into an all-out clicking frenzy as players click the enemies until their health bar diminishes and they die. In addition to standard sword-wielding, players can purchase upgrades to their clicking attacks. These items range from uncomplicated leaf blowers that push the enemy back a few strides, to more complex items such as laser shooters, and the ever-dangerous "Satan owe you a favour" item, which is a giant Satan stomping his way across the field, trampling the enemy as he goes.

Enemies get stronger as waves progress, which means they need more hits to kill. Build defences in between levels to make the tower strong enough to withstand the next onslaught. As a rule, the stronger players build their walls, the stronger their tower will be. All of these will protect the heart blocks from being destroyed.

The game offers four modes of game play, featuring Easy, Medium, and Hard modes. There is also a wonderfully intense Sandbox mode, which is a fight until the death in an unending battle to keep their heart intact. The Tower and the Heart in Glass is an enjoyable game with forty levels and many options for play, making the game an even more exciting addition to the genre of defence games.