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About Warlords 1: Call to Arms

Warlords 1 is a charming strategy production by Ben Olding. This game is available for free online play via its flash game format. In this addition to the Warlords saga, players engage in full-on battle, deploying troops to attack the enemy and capture their land. In total, there are two game modes; In Campaign Mode, players travel and battle enemy forces, earning gold for upgrades. The other choice is a two Player Battle Mode, which allows players to battle either a friend on the same computer or a computer opponent in head to head challenges.

In campaign, players choose the race they would like to play. Each race has its benefits and drawbacks. Selecting the race of the player is a strong strategic issue. The races are as follows: Human Alliance (+1 Armour, -1 Spear), Night Elves (+2 Archery, -2 Sword), Orcs of the North (+2 Halberd, -2 Archery), Wood Elves (+1 archery, -1 Spear), Orcs of the South (+1 Sword, -1 Archery), The Undead (+3 Halberd, -3 Archery), Men of the West (+2 Sword, - 2 Halberd), and Mountain Trolls (+1 Speed, -1 Armour).

Players shop for upgrades with gold earned from killing enemies. Upgrade categories pertain to speed, armour, marksmanship, spear, sword, axe, and halberd wielding skills. In addition to the units provided at the start of the game, players may hire mages, mounted spearmen, halberdiers, mounted halberdiers, scouts, long swordsmen, rangers, and axe men to build up their defences. To view the statistics pertaining to each unit, players must scroll over them with their cursor. Provided information includes advantages and disadvantages of the unit, price, range, speed, armour strength, and ability to deal damage.

Warlord 1: Call to Arms takes place on a battlefield. The enemy troops enter at the right of the screen while the player's troops enter from the left. As the enemy makes its way across the field to the hero's side of the field, players must deploy troops to handle the incoming danger. The goal is to kill all enemies and not allow any to pass the heroes. To do so, you must place troops in line with oncoming enemy troops. This is done using the arrow keys.

Players use the up and down arrows to move a yellow arrow, which indicates the row, which the next of the player's troops will be entering. The left and right arrows allow players to scroll through their units to select which type of unit they wish to send out next. If an enemy meets no opposition, then they will continue past the hero's lines, so it is necessary to keep a hero on each row that has an enemy. Additionally, a siege may be deployed with the "Q" key. This deployment sends out one hero on each row and is highly useful when the number of enemies begins to stack up.

In this flash game by Ben Olding, there is a lot of strategy involved, making it a challenging, yet rewarding game. The magnificent background music, as well as the realistic battle sounds, can be toggled off or on. Pair that with the well-done graphics gamers has come to expect from Olding's games and you have yourself another winner in the Warlords saga.

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